1. RENT PAYMENTS: Please pay by check. If a TENANT’S check is returned for any reason from the bank. TENANT will be charged a $50.00 fee. IF TENANT has a problem with paying on time, Tenant must make special arrangements before rent is due with the LANDLORD. Deliver or mail your rent checks to the LANDLORD, and place your APARTMENT/UNIT number of the Late rental charges and fees will be charged to TENANTS as outlined in Paragraph 1, page 1 of LEASE agreement if a returned check causes late collection of rent when due. The LANDLORD reserves the right to require that payment be made by Cash or Money Order.
  1. AS PER THE LEASE: ALL TENANTS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A RENTER’S INSURANCE POLICY FROM THEIR INSURANCE AGENT AT MOVE IN. Your personal possessions are not covered for loss by landlord’s insurance. Also you renters insurance will usually cover accidental damage to the rental unit’s i.e. melted siding, bumping car into wall, or accidental fire. The landlord’s insurance will attempt to collect monetary liability damages from the Tenant, caused by Tenant. Please discuss with your insurance agent. (State Farm Agent, Lisa Cravens is a possibility to call for coverage at 573- 8756696).

Rental Insurance Requirements:

  • Contents $20,000
  • Liability $500000 Minimum
  • Medical $10000
  • Co-Insured List your landlord: Buff Chance
  • Landlord must have proof of insurance before occupancy
  1. PARKING LOT: Every APARTMENT/UNIT has adequate TENANT parking space available. Please ensure any cars on the premise are in working order and are not a visual Advice visitors not to park in areas reserved for your neighbors, but preferably on the space allotted to your UNIT. Unauthorized cars will be towed away. No boats, trailers or commercial trucks are allowed on premises. Do not take bicycles inside apartments at any time. Snow and ice removal will not be handled by LANDLORD for any sidewalks, parking lot or driveway. USE ONLY NON-SALT de-icer on sidewalks or driveways.

Automobiles should be kept off streets during snowstorms to allow the City plows to efficiently operate. Absolutely no vehicles allowed on yards, either front or back at any time. All costs in relation to repair of tire ruts left in yards will be charged to TENANT. All cars must be parked on the proper side of the street or you could receive a ticket from the City Police Department. There will be no loitering or “hanging out” in the driveways or streets by the tenants, guests or children of the tenants.

  1. PROHIBITION AGAINST EXCESSIVE NOISE and WINDOW COVERINGS: When playing any musical instrument, radio, stereo or TV late at night or early in the morning, and at other hours, keep volume reduced sufficiently to never disturb the privacy of any other TENANT. Disturbance of the peace is a violation of City law and also violates your lease. You are responsible for the actions of any guest or visitors at your APARTMENT/UNIT, so make sure they are not loud and the conduct of both you and your guests is at all times dignified and proper, since otherwise it is also a violation of your lease. LANDLORD reserves the right to approve all window coverings. Unacceptable window coverings include but are not limited to, aluminum foil, sheets, blankets, flags, sills and Excessive noise from motor vehicles of all kinds is prohibited and a violation of the lease and will be the landlord’s sole determination without regard to possible state, county or municipal ordinance
  1. MAINTAINING NICE APPEARANCE OF PREMISES: This is your home and also the home of others. Help the LANDLORD keep the premises clean and not littered by depositing refuse in your APARTMENT/UNIT waste basket or at the curbside on the morning of City pickup. Do not store any waste containers or other non-decorative items in front of the unit. Do not toss wrappers or any other debris or litter on the sidewalks, grass or parking Also, housekeeping of your APARTMENT/UNIT interior is very important. Carry waste collection and other trash out to the curbside on the morning of City pick-up. Prevent accumulation in your APARTMENT/UNIT and keep floors swept and carpets vacuumed of crumbs and other dirt. This prevents attracting insects and rodents. Do not let any bugs breed or accumulate in your APARTMENT/UNIT. Report any bugs to the LANDLORD that you cannot control with proper bug control products. Do not at any time deface the building

interior, exterior, sidewalks or parking lots with paint or any other substance, (example, Do not spray paint items by placing them against buildings or sidewalks) THE REFRIGERATOR WIRE COILS BENEATH THE REFRIGERATOR SHOULD BE CLEANED AT A MINIMUM OF ONCE PER YEAR. A PROPER BRUSH AND A VACUUM ARE NEEDED. PLEASE CALL YOUR LANDLORD FOR PARTICULARS. THIS WILL SAVE THE TENANT ENGERY COSTS AND PRESERVE THE EQUIPMENT.

Installation of satellite dishes are prohibited unless prior approval of LANDLORD is obtained. No auto repair, no parking of inoperable vehicles, no tents, storage sheds, pens, canoes or any item deemed offensive by LANDLORD shall be stored on exterior of premises. The changing of oil in vehicles is prohibited in the driveway or street. In addition, the cost of cleaning vehicle oil stains from the driveways will be billed to the TENANT. Do not store trash outside of the building. PLEASE no Loitering or “hanging out” in front of the Apartments/Units.

Smokers: please dispose of all cigarette butts in proper containers, these are very hard to pick up from the grass.

  1. PETS: Pets are not allowed unless they have been approved by management at the time of moving Before you acquire any pet, please contact the office first. When your pets are outside they need to be under your supervision at all times. We do not allow pets to be chained outside, no dog runs, no kennels and no pet to be tethered outside. Owners are required to keep their yards clear of dog waste. Fox Run can offer dog cleaning service for a small fee.
  1. WATERBED, KIDDIE POOLS AND SWING SETS: Waterbeds are prohibited without LANDLORD’S written approval and certification of insurance issued before moving Before installing swing sets or kiddie pools, contact LANDLORD. Daycare (babysitting) in your Apartment/Unit is prohibited.

gasoline or highly combustible fuels be stored on the premises. Portable grills and fire pits should only be used in the back yards and at outer edges of patio and away from siding of Apartment/Unit. Do not use inside of UNIT or in garage.

TENANTS agree to keep batteries in smoke detectors at all time. To prevent excessive damage to painted surfaces, candle burning is prohibited.

  1. MAINTENANCE REPAIRS: If a repair is necessary to your Unit, notify the LANDLORD. In your request please include your email address, other pertinent contact information, and a description of the problem. Service requests can be sent via text or email: service@foxrunrentals.net. If you do not have email, call or drop a note in the drop box or call us giving your Unit number, your name and repair needed. By the same token, respect the privacy of the Landlord and do not contact them excessively or at unreasonable In an EMERGENCY, call your landlord’s cell phone. If a repair is the result of your act or negligence, you will be charged for the repair; otherwise it will be handled by the owners.
  1. PLUMBING CAUTIONS: Do not depose of any feminine hygiene item, trash, orange peels or other objects like washcloths in the toilet. They most certainly will cause a sewer backup, unpleasant to you and others alike and you will be charged for the cleanup and Do not use “flush-released” toilet bowl cleaners as plumbers warn these products can damage toilet parts. Do no allow any shower to spray outside a tub. Keep shower doors closed and avoid tub water going over the sides. TENANT agrees to promptly notify LANDLORD of the need for any repairs and of any water leak or water damage. Any damages caused by frozen water pipes due to garden hoses left on the outside spigots or furnaces turned off or set too low will be billed to TENANT. Do not attach garden hose reels or brackets to the building.
  1. MINIMUM DEDUCTIONS FOR DAMAGES AND DIRTINESS OF APARTMENT: So you will be well advised, we list some of the possible deductions from your Security Deposit or additional charges, which will be made for damages or dirtiness of an Apartment/Unit returned to the owner upon expiration of Any defect alleged as existing at time of lease inception must be noted in writing to the LANDLORD within 24 hours of occupancy to be possibly exempted from charges.
Wall Adhesive hooks (each)    $25.00Door Stops (each)$3.00
Dirty Refrigerator                   $50.00Blinds (each)$13.00
Dirty Range/oven/broiler         $70.00Carpet Cigarette Burn
Light Bulb (each)                    $ 3.00or scorch mark (each)$150.00
Excessive Carpet dirt             Cost to cleanStove Pans (each)$5.00
Missing Appliance accessory Cost to repairCarpet Spots (each)$150.00
Broken Window panes           Cost to repairDisposal Wrench$10.00
Light Fixture Globe                $10.00Garage Floor Cleaning$60.00
Dirty Floors, walls, ceilings,    Cost to repairKilz Paint Primer (per gallon)$20.00
windows, etcor paintEnzyme(dog odor/per gallon)$20.00
Other damageCost to repairTake-Down-Deodorant
Window Screen$30.00(per gallon)$34.00
Paint/per gallon$40.00Concrete degreaser/
Floor Sealer/per gallon$25.00cleaner/per gallon$15.00
Special Handling of items left
behind**$35.00 per item

*Cost will also include $60.00 an hour in excess management time charge

**Special handling items include, tires, batteries, liquids in containers: such as oil, cleaning fluids, etc, These are things that cannot be picked up on regular trash day.

  1. CARPETS AND TILE FLOORS: As tile floors consist of no-wax tiles, use of wax and cleaner/wax combination products is prohibited. Carpets are required to be professionally cleaned, at the tenant’s expense, upon expiration of Carpet stains that do not come out will result in charges of $150.00 per spot being deducted from Security Deposits.
  1. RANGE, OVEN AND BROILER MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING: More deductions and charges are made to TENANTS on failure to sufficiently clean the range than anything else. If meat juices, greasy items, etc, bake on the oven or broiler over a period of months, they are extremely difficult to remove. A thorough cleaning at least monthly with a spray type cleaner is desirable. Upon expiration of your lease, when you are vacating the Apartment/Unit, if you haven’t cleaned the complete range frequently, it can’t be done properly in a short time, so plan accordingly. Use of aluminum foil under burners helps prevent encrusted grease droppings.
  1. DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO CLIMB ON THE TREES: Children are to be kept out of other tenant’s yards and all ages of children should be monitored while playing outside.
  1. A $50.00 fee will be charged for each handling of any lease amendment, sub-lease, or lease release. If you decide not to continue your lease after signing, your deposit will be forfeited but you still remain liable under your lease contract until released.
  1. Tenants MUST give notice to landlord that tenant will or will not be renewing their said lease contract 60 days prior to the end of the lease period.
  1. If you lock yourself out of your Apartment/Unit and Landlord must make a special trip to unlock your door, Tenant will be charged a $40.00 fee, due and payable at that the time the door is unlocked.
  1. Locks may be changed only after written consent, being an alteration of the Apartment/Unit as described in the lease contract. If any locks are changed, a duplicate key will simultaneously be delivered to the Failure to return all keys to doors, at lease expiration or termination of lease for any reason, will result in the forfeiture of the total Security Deposit, notwithstanding liability for other deductions. Tenants wishing to install a passive alarm system must notify the Landlord and receive permission before installation. By no means shall any implement be used to physically block any doors while unit is vacant. In the event of an emergency, the Landlord requires un-hindered access to any unit.
  1. An unauthorized occupant for purposes of the lease shall be defined as any person not names on the lease occupying the premise for a period of more than three consecutive days. Violation of the foregoing occupancy regulation shall result in an automatic acceleration of the rent in an amount not less than $6.00 per day. Such increase shall remain in effect during the entire period of said unauthorized The increased rent due for the period of violation shall be due and payable upon demand by the LANDLORD appearing by person or by written notice. Said additional rent shall be subject to all late payment provisions of the lease. (This regulation is necessary due to additional wear and tear resulting from additional occupancy; to insure that all occupants have completed certain rental applications; to insure occupants have received certain occupancy regulations).
  1. Lying or any misrepresentation on the application will be an automatic termination of the said lease at the LANDLORD’S option.
  1. There is a 30 day processing time for Security Deposit