Cleaning Guide & Tips

Tips and Advice for Keeping Your Apartment Functioning Properly

Filters: If you want to have the cleanest air and the quietest HVAC system, change your filters monthly. We change them approximately on a quarterly basis but this by no means you can’t change it more frequently. This will save you on your utility bills.


Garbage disposals: Run it on a regular basis to keep the drain tube cleared of any debris. Debris can cause odors to seep through the sink drain. This will also keep the dishwasher from backing up due to any blockage. Additionally, put a cup of ice into the disposal every couple of weeks to keep the blades sharp. This will also help to clear out any debris since it’ll be cut into smaller pieces.


Electrical: Avoid using high amp/wattage equipment on the same outlets. A small hair dryer coupled with a curling iron can trip the GFI and shut down the outlet. Please keep this in mind when using a standalone freezer. Be cognizant of where it’s plugged in and if there is another outlet that is frequently used for other high output appliances.


Fox Run Rentals Cleaning Guide

If you are planning on leaving Fox Run, this guide will assist you in preparing to surrender the unit back to us.

To help you get your deposit money returned, the following items should be completed:

An appointment should be made as to the day and time you wish to check out. This should be during office hours. (Monday-Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM)  If you will not be ready, please call and reschedule. If no appointment is made, your check out inspection will be at 12:00 noon on the 2nd business day following the expiration of your lease

All keys, garage door openers, forwarding address, carpet cleaning check, and should be ready to be turned in to us at the time of check out and left on the kitchen counter.

Praesent malesuada ut arcu eget ultricies.

Carpets professionally cleaned. (Pro Clean-Wilber, 573-474-1514)

We prefer for you to make contact with the carpet cleaner and make arrangements, except for the actual date. You then would leave a check payable to the carpet cleaner on the kitchen counter upon your departure. We will set the appointment for a time, after our “touch up” crews have finished their work, so that the carpets will be the last thing done.

Floors scrubbed but do not wax them.

Baseboards, door frames & window ledges free from dust. Light fixtures & fans cleaned & free of bugs.

Walls clean and free of nails, tacks, tape & cobwebs. DO NOT PATCH NAIL HOLES—WE WILL TAKE CARE OF THEM.

Refrigerator defrosted, cleaned inside & out, leaving on with temperature down to medium low. Clean under the bottom of the refrigerator and clean evaporator coils.  (This will help the refrigerator operate better and use less energy.) Do not use sharp objects to loosen ice or clean refrigerator. Be careful not to puncture the coils.

Stove top & drip pans real clean or replaced as needed, oven, microwave, dishwasher & sinks cleaned. Also, floor under the stove.

Walls and floor of shower/tubs, stool & medicine cabinet (inside & out) should be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner.

All counter tops must be free of dirt and grease.

Closets, drawers and shelves empty and wiped clean.

FINAL TRASH PICKUP: In an effort to keep Fox Run attractive, please do not set trash out if trash day pickup is more than a day in the future (count holidays for delayed pickup).

Please have trash & recyclables separated and well bundled (as not to blow around the neighborhood) and leave it in the garage and we will put it out.  Please no tires, oils, paints, batteries and etc. as the City will not pick it up. Large furniture & appliances, you need to make proper arrangement with Solid Waste Department at 874-6291 BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

Garage and all storage areas should be cleaned out and swept. Front & back door stoops & eaves swept and free of cobwebs.

Below is Rule #10 from the Rules & Regulations that is part of your lease contract for your reference.

MINIMUM DEDUCTIONS FOR DAMAGES AND DIRTINESS OF APARTMENTS . So you will be well advised, we list some of the possible deductions from your security deposit or additional charges.

Name of workPrice
Wall adhesive hooks (each)$25.00
Dirty Refrigerator$50.00
Dirty range/oven/broiler$70.00
Light Bulbs (each)$ 3.00
Excessive Carpet dirtCost to clean*
Missing Appliance accessoryCost to Repair*
Broken window panesCost to Repair*
Light Fixture Globes$10.00
Dirty Floors, walls, ceilings, windows, etcCost to Repair or paint*
Other damageCost to fix, repair*
Window Screen$30.00
Paint (gallon)$40.00
Floor Sealer (gallon)$25.00
Door Stops (each)$2.00
Blinds (each)$13.00
Carpet Cigarette burn or scorch mark (each)$150.00
Stove Pans (each)$5.00
Carpet Spots(each)$150.00
Disposal wrench$10.00
Garage Floor Cleaning$60.00
Kliz Paint Primer (gallon)$20.00
Enzyme(dog odor-gal)$20.00
Take Down-Deodorant (gallon)$34.00
Concrete degreaser/cleaner (gallon)$15.00
*Cost will also include $60.00 an hour in excess management time charge

If you do not wish to clean, please contact us in advance and we can arrange for it to be done at cost plus cleaning supplies and deduct from your deposit.  You are to be moved out by noon on the day your lease expires.